News:  2016  1.  I am working on a miniature book about a bugs dream.  this book will be part of a collection that will go on display.   2.  A new video on Vimio ” The Bug Man” concerning my passion for my art. 

He Lets Creepy-Crawlies Get Their Feet Wet as Painters                                              By Nick Thomas
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, August 19, 2007; Page N01

In the somewhat obscure world of animal art — where chimps, horses and elephants learn to grip paint-laden brushes and thrash randomly at a canvas to create abstract paintings — Steven Kutcher’s “bug art” stands out. Commanding a team of animal artists far too small to hold any paintbrush, Kutcher uses insects as living, moving paintbrushes to fashion his art.

“I’ll take a bug in my hand and, leg by leg, load the paint onto each leg,” says Kutcher, 63, from his Los Angeles home. The bugs — flies, cockroaches and beetles — are then let loose on a prepared canvas to scratch out their “masterpieces.”

A keen environmentalist, Kutcher ensures his paint-soaked insects are unharmed by the ordeal. “I use water-based, nontoxic paints that easily wash off,” he says. “I have to take good care of them. After all, they are artists!”

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