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Paintings, Movie, Cards       You can commission an original work of art.  Contact me and I will try to accommodate you.  The work can be completely original or you may want one influenced by work I have done previously.  I give a discount for commissions.   This is  recent example of a painting done on commission.   Ask for a selection of pictures and I can send you small images.  Many of the images are available for purchase.

135.  Emma’s Garden.  2017.  Hissing cockroach as brush

Bug Art the movie.   Steven Kutcher is an artist, entomologist, teacher, lecturer, consultant, and environmentalist. He is world-renowned as an entomology consultant working with arthropods in feature films and television and commercial productions. He appeared in The Garry Shandling Show (nominated for an Emmy),The Scoop (Great Britain, episode won BFTA), and many international interviews (filmed and in print). He has spoken at many universities, schools, and organizations and currently teaches biology at West Los Angeles Community College. He is active in educational entomology and outdoor education programs.

Steven had an early interest in both insects and art. At the age of four he collected fireflies and wild berries in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Also when he was a child, he received a professional watercolor set. Steven moved to California at the age of five. In 1976, after graduating with his master’s degree, he became involved with a Long Beach art gallery, where he exhibited drawings and watercolor. In 1985 he made fly track footprints for a Steven Spielberg TV show.

In Bug Art, the movie, pigment and natural movements as exhibited by insect footprints are creatively transformed into uniquely enchanting works of contemporary fine art.

Arthropods are essential for life on earth. Insect footprints are small and touch every part of the living terrestrial world, but insect footprints are transitory and leave little trace.

The movie begins by showing abstract color forms in water that symbolically introduce the ephemeral nature of the insect footprint. The history of bug art is then explained. A beetle is captured as an example of field-collecting a “co-artist.” Steven uses the beetle in his studio to create a painting by manipulating the beetle’s movement; Steven is a world-renowned expert in insect behavior, an understanding of which is essential to create a piece of bug art. Insects tracking paint from their feet are recorded in extreme close-up from the side and other views. Steven’s various materials and methods of art creation are shown; insects are his “moving brushes” used to create the art. Cleanup of the insect is demonstrated; care is taken not to harm the insect. Examples of art using seven different insect species are shown along with brief comments about each piece of art.

Bug art becomes a microcosm, and the footprints in that world are the handwriting of the artist. Kutcher is currently experimenting with insects and new techniques to create this enchanting visionary art by making the invisible world visible.

BugArtCover265 “BUG ART” DVD

  $10 + $2.95 S&H (TRT 14:00 Min)
• Written, Produced, and Directed by Steven R Kutcher
• Art Created by Steven R Kutcher and Insect Friends
• Edited by Dan Frankel
• Pianist: Joe Spiro
• Music: “Song Without Words,” Number 46 in G-Minor by Felix Mendelssohn
• Produced through the facilities of Time River Productions and Pasadena Community Access Corp.

To purchase this DVD or to check the availability of any of the artworks in this website for purchase, please contact Steven R Kutcher, 1801 Oakview Lane, Arcadia, CA 91006, 626-836-0322, Note: The   checks or money orders will not be cashed until the DVD is sent. Satisfaction guaranteed.

_____ $12.95 /Bug Art.  Add an email address if you wish to be notified when the DVD is sent.

“Bug Art: The Movie” only at this site.  Excerpts can be sen on You Tube

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GREETING CARDS – Bug Art by Steven
Six 5 x 7 in. full-color greeting cards. Each card has a picture of the full piece of art on the front of the card and a nice photograph of the insect co-artist on the back. These unusual and beautiful greeting cards my be ordered using the order form below.
Bug Art Cards Set 1 Only individual cards may be available (SEE SET Set 3)

cardset1_1002(back row, left to right) 29. Fly Miro No.1, by Sarcophagid Fly; 58. Starry Night, by Hissing Cockroach; 47. Eye On You, by Tiger Moth.

(front row, left to right) 
33. Bee One (listed as “Bee No. 1”), by Honey Bee; 59. Fly on the Wall, by Hissing Cockroach; 51.Sunrise No. 1, by Darkling Beetle.

Bug Art Cards Set 2 (All Beetle) (SEE SET 3) CHECK AVAILABILITY only individual cards are available.

cardset2_0997(back row, left to right) 102. Earth Nova, by Darkling Beetle; 103. Butterflies in the Garden No. 1, by Darkling Beetle; 70. Olympic, by Darkling Beetle(front row, left to right). 93. Fireworks in the Forest by Darkling Beetle;   BP-1. Making Tracks* by Darkling Beetle; 74. Dancing Beetle LL (Lower Left, part of a series of four paintings), by Darkling Beetle.

Bug Art Cards Set 3 (BEST OF THE BEST 6 cards) Available
These are some of the most popular cards. 51. Sunrise No. 1, by Darkling Beetle: 58. Starry Night, by Hissing. 59. Fly on the Wall, by Hissing Cockroach; BP-1. Making Tracks* by Darkling Beetle; 70. Olympic, by Darkling Beetle; 74. Dancing Beetle LL (Lower Left, part of a series of four paintings), by Darkling Beetle.

card-set-3best-of-the-best-*Making Tracks   may be bought separately at $4.00 per card with a minimum order of two cards.

Bug Birthday Cards

HappyBirthdaycards4DSC_0781_001(left to right)  BB-1.  Ant with Presents, BB-1.  Ant with Presents (Colored to show what you can do),BB-3. Bug’s Birthday, BB-5,  Bug’s Birthday Train,  BB-7 Silkworm ( shows life cycle of silkworm moth) (Colored to show what you can do). 

(left to right)   BB-4. Bug’s Birthday Invite,  BB-2. Ant with Presents Invite,  BB-6. Making Tracks Invite.  BB-8 Silkworm with life cycles(BB-7) with Happy Birthday bubble left blank (You can write your own message).  

Bug Birthday Cards (BB). Original 5 x 7 in. black and white line drawings of insects with birthday related images and a blank inside by Steven R Kutcher. The cards can be colored and  personalized by writing a name or phrase in the blank spot. White envelopes are included with the cards. Highlighting a card by coloring the ant purple makes the card stand out. Bug Birthday cards are fun to send for a Birthday. Bug Birthday Invite cards are perfect if you are having an insect theme and want invite cards for the party or want something a little different.  BB cards are sold in sets of 6, unboxed, for $8.00/each set. Please add $1.50 for shipping for up  to 10 cards and $ 1.00 for every 10 cards after that.  Email me for any special requests.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –ORDER  FORM

Please send orders and payment to Steven Kutcher, 1801 Oak View Lane, Arcadia, CA 91006.  If you would like to be notified when the cards are shipped please include an email address so I can notify you of shipping.

NAME, MAILING ADDRESS___________________________________________



email__________________________________  Amount enclosed_______________

Total no. of cards ordered and amount_____________________

____$12.95 /Bug Art DVD.

____$24.95 / Set 3.  Bug Art cards.  1 set of Bug Art cards (6 cards in one box). (Includes shipping and handling)     Set 3  ______   BEST OF THE BEST

Please contact for special requests. 

CARD/  Quantity                           Card/  Quantity                                                    


                                * BP-1 Making Tracks___

BB-7  Silkworm HB____

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Prints are available on request for any original painting in the gallery.

Currently high quality prints done on 280 g water color paper using archival ink and paper.


___No. 51. Sunrise.  beetle, see gallery.

Print size. 15.25 x 20 inches (limited edition. Total 75), signed, numbered and dated,  $250.00    plus shipping costs.

DSC_0709-2___No. 59. Fly on the Wall. HCR see gallery.

Print size 15.25 x 20 inches (limited edition. Total 75), signed, numbered and dated,  $250.00  plus shipping costs.

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Some original art is for sale.  Prints are available (see Prints).  Commissioned work ranges from 9 x 12 in to  approximately 36 x 48  in.  I am happy to discuss artists used and the type of work considered..  

                          COMMENTS ABOUT MY BUGART 

* “Very Cool!” —  L. R.

* “They look fantastic.” –B. Hawkins

* “I loved them. They are beautiful. I am going to use them with joy. –C. Novatt

* “Great idea-with a fantastic result.”

* “I love your bug’s art!  What clever little devils.” –B. M.

* “You know what? Some people are just awesome.”–  D. C.

*“There is something oddly charming about watching insects with painted tarsi clambering about over a pristine white substrate.  A cross between finger-painting and marking and tracking insects for scientific purposes, Steven Kutcher’s creations belong to a bizarre legacy of human-insect art collaborations.”–  B. K.

*“I have to say that your work is fabulous! The concept behind it, the actual art itself, it’s wonderful! How each bug has it’s own style and movement, patterns that emerge, your color selection. I look forward to seeing any more pieces that surface on your website.”–  A. B.

*“This is absolutely fascinating…” — A. Ettinger.

*“It is amazing  how every insect is so different & how you are able to capture this uniqueness for us.” — M. D. LA’s Best

*“I was truly fascinated while admiring your bug art on the internet this afternoon, absolutely incredibly amazingly and unique.” –G.O.

*”…Every movement, every stroke is created by a variety of bugs but the master mind behind the art is Steven himself. His choice of color and his loving tender hands helps to guide his creatures into their masterpieces.  Steven’s Bug Art inspirational and absolutely unique.”  GL

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